Royal Canin
Seja Bemvindo

We are specialized in breeding Stafford Bull Terriers and we have been dedicating ourselves, studying hard about this dazzling English breed.

Our kennel is located in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro, 90km away from the capital, in Itaipava City. The Kennel is surrounded by green and nature, in addition to a big area for the dogs.

We look forward to quality, not for quantity. We always aim to the best results regarding to genetic and morphologic issues and we are always concerned about the animal's health and well being.

We are looking for dogs which have modern and large heads, very pronounced stop, combined with a massive muzzle, and with a very strong, short and compact body. Additionally, we should never forget about the real temperament of a genuine Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which has as the most important characteristic the reliability with people, both strangers or familiars.


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